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Our Company, Our Mission and How It All Started

We are a small team of cybersecurity enthusiasts, we started NoVirusThanks way back in 2009 providing free software and services for over a decade. Find out more details about our company and how it all started.

Our Mission and Dedication

We Have Selflessly Serviced the Security Community

We are passionate about cybersecurity, software-as-a-service (SaaS), Windows OS software and cloud computing. We love what we do and are always looking to create new things that can solve problems and be useful to home users and businesses. We have selflessly serviced the security community for over a decade and look forward to the next decade of satisfied end-users as we develop and maintain our projects!

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List of software we have developed
IPVoid IP Network Tools

How It All Started

The Project Began More Than 15 Years Ago

The NoVirusThanks™ project began in early June 2008 with the primary objective of creating software and services related to computer and Internet security. One year later we founded NoVirusThanks™ Company Srl with headquarters in Italy and we have offered free software for 10+ years. On the end of 2019 we decided to move all our software applications to yearly subscriptions to assure their continuity and we released APIVoid as our first commercial software-as-a-service project.

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Company Information

Here you can find details about our company. NoVirusThanks™ is an internationally registered trademark.

Company Name
NoVirusThanks Company Srl
Company Founding Date
Perugia, Italy
Capitale Sociale i.v.
10.000,00 EURO
Contact Email
(PG) PERUGIA n 261307
Codice Fiscale

What We Have Achieved

Since we founded the company in 2009 we achieved many goals. Here is a brief summary of our projects and achievements in numbers.

6 Commercial Projects

Starting from 2019 we released 6 commercial projects, which include SaaS (APIVoid) and Microsoft Windows OS Software (OSArmor, Appsvoid, Win Update Stop, USB Radar, SysHardener).

20 Free Web Services

We manage more than 20 free web services related to online security like IPVoid and URLVoid, file conversions/manipulation and of generic usage that are used by millions of users every day.

8,000,000 Monthly Pageviews

We can't believe that our free and commercial web services generate approximately 8 million (and growing) monthly pageviews. We can't say thanks enough to our users that made this possible.

500 parked domains

We have more than 500 unique domain names that are quietly parked, waiting to see the light with some new services. Can you guess what will be the domain name for our next project?

1,000 happy customers

We are proud that our commercial projects are used by 1,000+ happy customers worldwide across 50 countries. Among our customers there are Fortune 500 companies, enterprises and startups.

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